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We created CustomerOptix specifically for the small business owner, to provide them with professional-grade services to evaluate and improve their customer experience, and understand what their customers think about doing business with them.

While we’ve been very fortunate that IntelliShop has grown into the premiere customer experience improvement company serving Fortune-1000 companies (in every consumer-facing industry), we know that small businesses can also benefit from our work, but they don’t need the full scope of services, or the costs, contracts or minimum commitments that comes with that.

CustomerOptix draws from the expertise we’ve developed at IntelliShop in creating and executing programs for some of the largest companies in the world like Disney, Apple, Amazon, and many more. We’ve combined that with an easy, self-serve setup process, no required contracts, and no minimum shops or budget, so that small businesses can use these valuable services to improve their business, save them time, give them peace of mind, and lead to better sales & profits.

Try us out–you can start with just one mystery shop, or just one month of customer feedback surveys, and see what you think. What other service, costing so little, with no ongoing commitment, can offer you the same return on your investment? And we guarantee it - you will find value in EVERY evaluation, or you don't pay.

If you’ve read this far, thank you! Please click here to get started on your journey to making your customers happier and increasing your sales and profit.

Ron Welty


CustomerOptix helps you improve your customer experience by reporting specific details about what happens wherever your customers interact with your business—whether onsite, on the phone, or online. Get real-time feedback on what your customers experience and think about your company’s service, associates, products, image/appearance, and the overall customer experience.