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Turnkey Mystery Shopping for All Businesses

Uncover the strengths and weaknesses of your customer service with our mystery shopping services specifically designed for small businesses. Improve customer experience and grow your business today.

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With no order minimums, long-term contracts and pricing starting at $25, our programs are great for small businesses.

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Get answers to the exact questions you have about your business and employees with customizable questionnaires.

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Your mystery shop can be set up and launched in as little as 10 minutes, with reports typically delivered as soon as they’re submitted.

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Our nationwide network of evaluators will provide unbiased findings you can trust—and act on immediately.

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Build Your Program

At CustomerOptix, our turnkey solutions for mystery shopping target your individualized needs based on industry. Additionally, we allow for customized prompts and questions for our shoppers to execute, enabling you to create a plan that will garner insights into your business.

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Gather Comprehensive Experience Data

We employ a thorough approach to gather a sufficient amount of customer experience data from various customer touchpoints. Our Quality Assurance team evaluates and scores each report, which is then distributed for your review. Then, each report will be handed off as it is completed and certified.

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Review & Take Action

Once the mystery shopping evaluations are complete, you'll have the opportunity to analyze the data, look for patterns and trends in the feedback provided by the mystery shoppers, and identify areas where your business is excelling and areas where improvements can be made.

Mystery Shopping Options

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Mystery shoppers will assess your business location based on your preferences, ranging from cleanliness to merchandising.

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Evaluate your website usability and product appearance to help you identify areas for improvement and elevate your online presence.

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Our expert shoppers can identify areas that require improvement, such as wait times and product knowledge, ensuring a better customer experience.

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How are shoppers selected?

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CustomerOptix boasts a panel of over one million independent shoppers throughout North America, all of whom have provided extensive demographic information. We carefully match shoppers to projects based on factors such as the quality of their past work for us, their proximity to the job location, and the general profile of the target customer.

Can I customize my shopper’s questionnaire?

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You can add up to five questions of your choice to the form, at no additional fee. Questions can be formatted as yes/no, multiple choice, or open-ended. Or, if you have very specific needs, you can upload a totally custom questionnaire of your own design (for an additional fee).

How quickly will I receive final reports?

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It could be as quick as just 48-72 hours from when you place your order. Usually, it’s within about two weeks of placing an order, because we need to source the best shoppers, verify their availability, and educate them on your specific requirements. Our one-million shopper panel can cover any geographical location. Rural locations may experience a longer wait for their evaluations to be completed.

What will my reports contain?

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Reports will contain a detailed overview and in-depth analysis of your shopping experience, including a 34-point integrity validation checklist categorized by key performance indicators. Before it is sent to you, every report is read word-for-word and score-for-score by one of our specially-trained employee QA Specialists. They make sure that the shoppers have followed your requirements, complied with our quality & performance standards, and performed great work.

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Get in touch with our team to learn how mystery shopping can help your small business differentiate by winning on experience.

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